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Play Piano With... Muse - Muse (Artist)

Kód výrobku AM91984
Nakladatel Wise Publications
AutorMuse (Artist)
Obtížnost 3
Žánr Alternative, Rock
Jazyk English
Počet stran 56
Dostupnost Odesíláme do 15 pracovních dní
621 Kč
Doprava již od 69 Kč
Play Piano With... Muse
For the first time, you learn to play the original Piano parts to eight fantastically great Muse songs with some exceptional backing tracks. This book is the only way that you can experience what it's like to Play Piano With... Muse . Muse have more than earned their status as one of the UK's most exciting rock bands. They are a powerful three-piece whose experimental and magical alternative rock translates well to their energetic and spectacular live shows. Frontman Matt Bellamy is a unique talent at singing, playing the Guitar and the Piano, and it's the latter which is celebrated in this special book. He is often seen as one of the greatest modern rock guitarists working today, but his abilities as a pianist are arguably equal to his riff-making talents. Featuring eight fan-favourites, these Muse tracks are some of their best work, and certainly some of Matt Bellamy's best writing. Including their incredible cover of Feeling Good , the simply brilliant Butterflies And Hurricanes , the emotional Sing For Absolution and many more. The indisputably great Piano playing on many of Muse 's albums is nothing short of inspirational, and just listening to them will definitely make you want to Play Piano With  them. With this CD, you can listen to the professionally recorded 'soundalike' performances to hear exactly how each of these songs should sound, and then the backing tracks have the Piano part removed so you can play along as if you were a part of this great contemporary rock band. Then, using the sheet music, you can learn every precise note and chord as Bellamy wrote them. The songs are presented in standard notation with melody line, as well as Guitar chord boxes and full lyrics. For fans of Muse , great contemporary Piano playing, or just rock music in general, this book and CD will allow you to put yourself in the studio with the band playing those fantastic Keyboard riffs and emotional arpeggios. This would make a great addition to any fan's bookshelf, letting them learn the songs, then Play Guitar With Muse!

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