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Delta Blues Guitar Featuring Honeyboy Edwards (DVD) - Edwards, Honeyboy (Artist)

Kód výrobku HL00320698
Nakladatel Hal Leonard
Autor Edwards, Honeyboy (Artist)
Žánr Blues
Jazyk English
Dostupnost Odesíláme do 15 pracovních dní
344 Kč
Delta Blues Guitar Featuring Honeyboy Edwards (DVD)
Few Guitarists today can legitimately lay claim to the title 'living legend', but David 'Honeyboy' Edwards certainly qualifies. He is one of the last links to the classic Delta blues era of the '20s and '30s and the harrowing conditions that helped produce the music. Born in Mississippi in 1915, Honeyboy grew up with future bluesman like Tommy McClennan and Robert Johnson while developing his own razor-edged Guitar style. In 1942, he made field recordings for Alan Lomax and the Library Of Congress. In th e'50s, he moved to Chicago to become a vital part of that vibrant scene. Honeyboy has written several blues hits, including 'Long Tall Women Blues' and 'Just Like Jesse James'. This DVD is much more than an in-depth lesson on Delta blues. Taped in 1999, this is a personal visit with a truly unique individual in the history of American music. Honeyboy imparts his wit and wisdom on his life and times and the fascinating, larger-than-life men and women he has met in the blues. Foremost among these is the immortal Robert Johnson, whom he met in 1936. In an absolutely remarkable viginette, Honeyboy gives his first person account of the death of the King of the Delta blues. Surrounding this riveting moment of living history are detailed demonstrations and thrilling performances of solo country blues, slide Guitar, boogie bass lines and lead Guitar. Taken all together, you have the original source for Delta blues Guitar that cannot be obtained anywhere else. This package includes a detailed booklet that contains key musical examples from the DVD.

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